The main value of the Murcian-Granada breed is its very high levels of milk productivity and quality. Placing it among the most economically interesting breeds of dairy goats in the world. Proof of its extraordinary characteristics is the intense expansion that has suffered its population to very different countries of the Mediterranean basin, North Africa and Latin American countries.

The high productivity of the dairy breed reaches 600-700 liters of milk in our livestock in 210 days of lactation. It is usual in routine performance checks to register individuals who reach 1000-1300 liters of milk produced in 210 days of lactation.

Very high productivity values, in addition to the very high quality of goat milk of the breed. We recorded in our livestock average rates in milk of 4% protein, 6% fat and a dry extract of 14% useful. This is also reflected in high-quality, high-quality milk, as evidenced by the high production of Murcian-Granada cheese from the region of Murcia, as well as the declaration of its Protected Designation of Origin in 2001 by The Government of Spain and its ratification in 2002 by the European Union.

This high dairy production and the high cheese yield of the breed coupled with its rusticity and ability to take advantage of agricultural byproducts and the agri-food industry makes it an absolutely competitive breed with other breeds improved much larger and with more complex food requirements.

Production Duration of lactation Quantity Fat (%) Proteins (%) ES (%)
Maximun 310 days 1.300 Kg 5.024 3.58 13.872
Average Controlled 210 days 700 Kg 5.112 3.75 14.030

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