The mutton lamb meat of the Mucian-Granadina breed is nationally recognized and forms an intrinsic part of the culinary tradition of the Region of Murcia. It is a tender and juicy meat very similar to lamb and with a high value in the market.

Small goats feed exclusively on milk, born with 2 kg. And are generally slaughtered between 30 and 40 days with an average weight of 8-10 kilos and a yield of 48-55%. Or they sacrifice at 4-5 months, already as chotos, and a live weight of 25-30 kilos, achieving a yield of 50%.

From the moment they are born and throughout the entire production and distribution process, strict protocols are in place to guarantee the traceability of the product, being able to prove that they are Murcian-Grenadian kid meat.

The goat’s flesh is white-pearly or pale pink, characterized by a very lean meat with little intramuscular fatness presenting a meat of maximum tenderness and juiciness. On the other hand, the murcian-granadino kid meat is rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. In the same way that it has high concentrations and sodium with a high concentration in vitamin B1.

Due to our close relationship with customers from Islamic countries, in our meat offer, we offer the possibility of buying meat sacrificed through the Halal rite with all the guarantees in the process and maximum control over the product.

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