The breeding characteristics of the Murcian-Granadine goat breed are matched in excellence to their traits in productivity and adaptability. This is an almost continuous goat, with a very low rate of seasonal anoestrous, which can be easily avoided by reproductive management with a male effect, thus obtaining parideras throughout the year without using other methods that involve hormones in animals.

Females reach their sexual maturity at 7 months of age in which they have 70% of their live weight, 28 / 30kg. And the males reach the sexual maturity between the 5 and 8 months of life, presenting a very strong libido in its adult age.

The average fertility in females is 90%, with an average prolificity in the first year of 1.5 kids, which from the second calving onwards reaches the average of 2 kids. And an abortion rate of 3% under normal sanitary and management conditions and breastfeeding mortality that does not exceed 2-3%.

The advantages offered by this breed derived from its very optimum reproductive physiology and behavior are:

– The possibility of concentrating the paridera in the time of year that suits us best.

– The possibility of maintaining stable and continuous production during the 12 months of the year.

– And the prolificacy of the breed allows us to obtain a large number of animals from which to choose the replenishment being able to increase the number of our animals without having to buy them outside

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