The Centro de Producción y Exportación de la Cabra Murciano-Granadina S.L. is the largest farm in the world, both head and surface, with 39 hectares of land dedicated exclusively to goat breeding.

Its facilities are divided into two locations, 7 hectares in the municipal district of Campos del Rio (Murcia) and another 32 hectares in the municipality of Belmez, site of the Charnega (Córdoba).

The difference between the sites of both locations is the great versatility of the Murcia-Granada goat that is able to inhabit maintaining its maximum productivity ratios in one of the driest territories in Spain as the Murcia countryside, characterized by its aridity and Extreme climates where it reaches 40 degrees in summer and reaches below zero degrees in winter. And, in the same way, in other less extreme climates as it is the Valley of the Guaditao in Códoba, where is located our other plant of caprine exploitation.

We are the company with the largest and most modern facilities of the goat sector, showing our commitment convinced by innovation, quality and R & D & I. Which places us at the head of the goat explorations of national scope and among the most outstanding in the world in volume and facilities.

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