Murcia granada goats

The caprine race Murciano-Granadina is an autochthonous race of the southeast Spanish that owes its name to the provinces that have been its cradle: Murcia and Granada. They are characterized by great adaptability to dry and warm climates, typical of the Mediterranean basin, as well as high productivity with high cheese yield.

The singularities of the Murcia-Granada goat make it an extraordinary goat breed that in recent years has succinctly attracted investors from many different countries. It is currently distributed by Spanish geography and also by countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Greece , South America, etc


Much of the value of the goat on the farm is for the pursuit of strict monitoring and improvement of its genetic material through the Asociación Española de Criadores de la Raza Murciano-Granadina, ACRIMUR, who since 1979 takes care to maintain the integrity of the Race and preserve its unique characteristics and high economic interest.

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