The correct food is one of the pillars on which the quality of our livestock and the excellence of our products are based. This is at all times strictly supervised and controlled by our health technicians and nutritionists who adapt the rations, with their own formulas, to the different types of animals as well as the different periods of growth of these.

All ingredients are strictly supervised and controllable in their traceability, processing and distribution daily. And looking for the proper nutrition of the animals in order to maintain the maximum yield of the race murcian-grenadine.


The characteristics of the Murcia-Granada goat for its food are, together with its productivity and high reproduction rates, very interesting based on the final economic performance of the farm. The most important characteristics are the ability to produce large quantities of very high quality milk with little food and its condition of using fodder, even of low quality, making it a breed especially suitable for cleaning and being able to feed in areas Where other species could not, which makes it a race of high interest in hot and arid countries such as the Mediterranean basin and Africa, where they have already been introduced successfully.

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