Centro de Producción y Exportación de la Cabra Murciano-Granadina


The Centro de Producción y Exportación de la Cabra Murciano-Granadina is a member and relies on its constant pursuit of excellence in ACRIMUR, the Asociación Española de Criadores de la Raza Murciano-Granadina.

ACRIMUR is in charge of the management of the Genealogical Book of the Race and the Program of Conservation and its Genetic Improvement.

The main functions of ACRIMUR are the control of the herd book and the genetic improvement of the Murcian-Granada breed. Since 1979, they have been strictly scientific in maintaining and improving the goat breed, giving the Murcia-Granada brand the highest guarantees of quality, health and profitability.

The association maintains strict control of race genetics through parentage and DNA analysis of progenitors and descendants, maintaining a strict control over the species that allows the selection of the best specimens and to maintain and increase the quality of the animals at the same time.

These filiation tests are performed using the most advanced generic engineering techniques with a reliability of 99.99%. This obtaining a very high reproducibility rate, the transferability of the scientific results of laboratory and the easy interpretation of these.

On the other hand, all the genealogical information is checked together with the information from the official dairy control centers, keeping strict control over the lactations of each animal and each lactation of the animals.

ACRIMUR is also responsible for sanitary control of the state of the breed and to maintain the full potential of the breed, so it performs a rigorous health program on caprine diseases such as caprine arthritis encephalitis, as well as clinical and subclinical mastitis.

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